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The perfect step up for Salt Box Music Toddlers and for children new to Salt Box Music, this unique 35 minute class is an ideal part of a child’s preparation for school. While most, if not all, pre-school age classes are child-only, Salt Box Music is proud to offer this parent interactive class where you will enjoy the music-making experience together, being part of their growth rather than only seeing the result.

As with all Salt Box Music classes, the Preschool Class has been expertly designed to enhance your child’s preschool education through the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. For preschoolers this includes Numeracy because at Salt Box Music Co we know that counting is best learned through song, Understanding the World because we just love playing instruments from all round the globe, Communication and Language development because our musicians learn best and have the most fun when they play and sing and work together.

Salt Box Music Preschoolers enjoy exploring musical concepts in more depth, always including the ever popular Salt Box Music songs and activities. You will have fun together with Floaty the Fairy and Choppy the Karate Kid who help to teach musical texture through imaginative play. Children will learn rhythm with the help of the Dotty Dinosaurs and will play a wide variety of instruments from around the world from traditional djembe drums to super-cool Boomwhackers! There is also the opportunity to play orchestral instruments like trombones and violins during specific sessions through the term. This not-to-be-missed class is expertly designed to provide a musical foundation to build on into the future.

Masonic Hall, Church Green, Witney

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