About Our Classes

Baby Classes

Share first musical moments and lots of giggles as your baby develops a love for music in relaxed, sociable Salt Box Music Baby Classes – a blend of gentle caressing songs and more upbeat ones for bouncy fun, little instruments for little hands, musical games, and lots of bubbles.

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Toddler Classes

Salt Box Music Toddler Classes will get your mini musician moving in a fast-paced session full of rhythm, action songs and activities. Join them as they develop and refine social skills while choosing and sharing instruments and making music with their Salt Box Music friends.

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Preschool Classes

Uniquely, at Salt Box Music Preschool Classes parents and children learn musical and key Early Years concepts together. Numeracy, creativity, and communication skills are interwoven with activities and characters teaching rhythm and musical texture, while in special sessions preschoolers play special instruments from Djembe Drums to Trombones, from Violins to Boomwhackers and it’s all set to the best loved Salt Box Music songs.

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Family Classes

Brothers, sisters, cousins and friends all make music together at Salt Box Music Family Classes with popular Salt Box Music songs and activities tailored to appeal to everyone in a wider age range. If it’s your routine or schedule that dictates which class you can attend then the flexibility of the mixed age Salt Box Music Family Class is for you, with a guaranteed 45 musical minutes of fun and learning for everyone.

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Nurseries & Schools

Expertly planned Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) music sessions teaching young children key elements of the EYFS framework and the Key Stage 1 (KS1) National Curriculum though fun and stimulating songs, activities, games and percussion instruments. All lessons are planned in advance and can be tailored to current class projects or themes. Free taster sessions are available.

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