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_dsc5174-copyBabies, from the day they are born, begin their learning journey through the discovery of sound, shape, colour, texture and movement all around them. At Salt Box Music Co we understand the importance of music in early language development and have structured our Baby Classes with this in mind. The sociable 35 minute sessions give a shared learning experience between parent and baby expertly crafted for all key developmental stages. Salt Box Music Babies can expect lots of lively bouncing active songs carefully interwoven with gentler songs and music allowing for lots of all-important eye contact and quieter time to explore instruments and of course their new friends!

The relaxed, yet lively and stimulating, environment of a Salt Box Music Baby Class provides the greatest opportunity for infant development – and of course fun!

At each session all babies are given a Percussion Bag with a selection of carefully chosen special instruments which are perfect for little hands (but great for parents to play too!). These small, baby-friendly percussion instruments play a wonderful part in our stimulating listening games, help babies discover the pleasure in creating their own sound as well as providing interesting shapes and textures for little fingers to explore.

Salt Box Music Baby Classes are always filled with music and games, smiles and giggles and are topped off with bubbles, LOTS of bubbles, which gently fall as music plays. The perfect start to a life-long musical journey.

If you can’t find a Salt Box Music Baby Class to suit your baby’s schedule (or yours!) take a look at our Salt Box Music Class Timetable.


Masonic Hall, Church Green, Witney
Masonic Hall, Church Green, Witney
Community Centre, Trefoil Way, Carterton

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