NewsIt’s Time To Say Goodbye…

After an incredible 20 years of music making I have decided the time is right to hang up my tambourine and move onto new challenges.

I began Salt Box Music Co as I am passionate about music and child development and wanted to create a job that would fit in around my then very young family. It has been a fantastic experience that I wouldn’t change for a moment and I have met so many amazing people along the way. Salt Box Music isn’t about me – it has always been about the shared experience and it has been a real privilege to be a part of so many children’s early years.

My own children have grown up with Salt Box Music and are now 16, 18 & 21 years old so I am now ready for a new chapter in my career and am very excited to be taking up my new role in Children’s Services for Oxfordshire County Council in April 2018.

This means the February/March Term will be the final Salt Box Music term ever and the business will therefore close after the classes on Thursday 29th March 2018.

Thank you to all of the many amazing Salt Box Music Teachers who have joined me along the journey. The first teacher to join me was Music Lisa (13 years ago!) and she is still on the team today. Music Jo joined over 12 years ago and again is still shaking her tambourine with us! True loyalty – thank you. Thank you to Marketing Hannah for bringing me into the 21st century with our booking system and social media. Thank you to Finance Carole (my wonderful Mum) who crunches the numbers to help keep me on track. Thank you to the many Hall Managers for your continued support over the years and for keeping our venues warm in the winter! Thank you to my children Will, Niamh & Maisie for all of your help over the years, whether it be helping at events, filming, graphics & much more. Thank you to my long suffering husband Chris for listening to my ideas, putting up with my absence at weekends as I’m shaking my tambourine at events and parties, and for receiving hundreds of packages for me over the years of knitted sausages, golden lycra and many other weird & wonderful props and puppets!

Finally, thank you to the thousands of families who have taken the decision to attend our many classes, events & parties over the years and for making my job a very easy one. It’s been a blast!!

Michelle x

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